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Active Directory Management Challenges

Every IT Administrator faces the challenge of managing user accounts in Active Directory almost everyday. Configuring user properties manually is extremely time consuming, tiresome, and error-prone, especially in a large, complex Windows network. Moreover, accomplishing these tasks demands a deep knowledge in Active Directory and related technologies.

A software that can automate these cumbersome tasks, simplify AD management and provide exhaustive reports on tasks done and their status, is the need of the hour.

Introducing ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is a comprehensive web-based Active Directory management (One step User provisioning, user account re-provisioning, etc.), administration and reporting software, which takes all the difficulty and mundanity out of Active Directory management. It also enables you to build a noninvasive AD Delegation model with which you can turn even technically naïve into a super admin!

With state-of-the-art tools that assist administrators in all everyday tasks, 150+ pre-built reports, non-invasive helpdesk delegation and integrated workflow, the administrator is left with just two things to do:


A Powerful Active Directory Management Software:
ADManager Plus will spare no Active Directory task in getting it simplified, for the AD administrator, armed with features like:

Instant Active Directory Bulk User Creation/Modification/Management Provisioning and re-provisioning User Accounts - in bulk, with zero error.
Template based User Creation : create User Accounts with all the required information, privileges and ​restrictions using just a single template.
Inactive / Disabled User Account management: Scout for inactive users & disable them for instant, hassle free Active Directory Clean-up.
Active Directory Password Management: configure User Account Password settings, reset passwords, Manage Users based on password status - in bulk, in just a few seconds.
Contact Management: create, modify, delete - manage contacts in bulk, instantly.
Active Directory Bulk Computer Management : add, remove, enable, disable or move computers - accomplish what you need - in just a few clicks..
On-the-fly AD Management: Perform point-in-time management actions as demanded at the time of report generation/ perusal.

Bulk User Management
Group Management
Computer Management
AD Automation

Worldwide, IT administrators are spending roughly about one-third of their IT time on modifying user accounts according to a survey by META Group.

“On-the-fly AD Management”, a data and need-driven Active Directory management approach simplifies & solves all the challenges in bulk user creation and modification, with solutions for all scenarios like:

One-Stop Bulk User Creation / Provisioning including Exchange attributes, through CSV import as well.
Enable, Disable, Delete inactive accounts in Active Directory, in bulk.
Modify user Attributes, reset password for users, create exchange user mailboxes, in bulk.
One-Stop Bulk De-provisioning: Delete everything from home folders to mailboxes when a user leaves, from just a single screen.
Turn HR personnel into AD administrators, with “Templates” and “Provisioning Roles” to enable even the technically naive to perform tasks such as Bulk User creation,
         modification and deletion!
Workflow: Stay in control over user provisioning even after delegating them by implementing a review-approval process.
+ More

ADManager Plus facilitates and simplifies creation and management of Active Directory groups, in bulk, and also allows easy definition of properties for groups while creating or modifying them.

Create/Modify/Manage Active Directory Groups, in bulk.
Bulk Create Distribution Lists for Active Directory Groups.
Configure, Modify organization and Exchange Attributes for Groups.
Move multiple groups to a different container.
Modify group attributes of multiple AD users.
Identify disabled and inactive groups and delete them.
Create multiple Active Directory groups, also through CSV import option.
+ More

ADManager Plus enables easy management of active directory computers in bulk or individually with capabilities to perform routine computer management tasks including:

Create, Modify, Move, Delete, Enable/Disable Computer Objects, in bulk or individually.
Track all disabled computer accounts and delete them.
Find inactive computer accounts and disable them
Move all unmanaged computers to an OU
Move workstations or computers of any specified OU to another OU…and so much more.
+ More

In everyday AD management, there are several tasks that you’d want to automate. In fact, tasks such as Inactive Account Management, is perfect case for automation. Accounts that have been inactive in AD, especially user accounts, are like chinks in the armor. They can serve as safe passage for disgruntled ex-employees. So, it would do good to periodically scan for such accounts and disable them.

ADManager Plus offers controlled automation for 14 crucial and oft-repeated Active Directory task spread across 4 different categories (User Creation, User modification, Group Modification, Computer and Contact Management) including:

Automate Active Directory User Account Creation / Provisioning
Automate Active Directory User Account Modification (esp. AD Clean-Up)
Automate Active Directory Computer Account Management
Automate Active Directory Group Management
Automate Active Directory Contact Modification
+ More

Non-Invasive Active Directory Helpdesk Delegation:

ADManager Plus's helpdesk delegation model enables an administrator offload AD tasks to the helpdesk technicians or HR personnel, without letting go of his reins of power or compromising on Active Directory security!

ADManager Plus’s non-invasive delegation model empowers you to construct any type of Delegation Model as desired, off load the administrative burden off Active Directory administrators and create Helpdesk Agents out of even non-technical AD Users.

Salient aspects of ADManager Plus’s Non-invasive Helpdesk Delegation include:

Task Blueprints: Make smart helpdesk out of technically-naïve staff!
Role Based Delegation/Profiles: Determine what your helpdesk agent should do.
OU-Based Helpdesk Delegation: Define which OUs the helpdesk technician should serve.

Active Directory Workflow

Multi-level Workflow: the roadmap for executing any task, right from request to execution.
Requests Repository – list of all open and completed tasks.
​Automate Crucial Tasks: 'Robo Requester' allows for automation of crucial AD tasks and also ensure compliance.
​Ticketing Tool: With the capability to set specific steps to create Requests, Approve and Execute them.
​Compliance Software: Be it SOX, HIPAA or USA PATRIOT, enforce it with ADManager Plus.

Automate Active Directory Clean-Up

Automate Active Directory janitorial tasks such as identifying, disabling & deleting stale / inactive user accounts with ADManager Plus’s pre-built reports that help you to:

Generate a List of Disabled Accounts
Generate a List of Account Expired Users
Generate a List of Inactive Accounts
Manage Dormant or Stale Accounts

And perform the appropriate clean-up actions such as delete, disable or move to another OU, etc.

Microsoft Exchange Management

Manage your Exchange Server, Active Directory Users and Computers from one single console with powerful Exchange Management features like: One Step Mailbox Provisioning, Multiple Exchange Version Compatible Console, Delegate Mailbox Tasks, Bulk Mailbox Creation and Management, Bulk Mail-Enabled User, Contact and Groups Management and so much more.

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We evaluated ScriptLogic Active Administrator, Quest AD management tool and ADManager Plus to solve our day-to-day AD management & Reporting needs. ADManager Plus with its high-end features and low-end cost was an obvious choice
-- Meraz Nasir, ITS Manager,
   Interfaith Medical Center.
ADManager Plus makes things quick and easy... and is quite helpful in AD management.
-- Andrew Tennant,
   Libro Financial Group.
ADManager Plus benefits our organization in several ways. We use it for reporting on user access returning a very granular report. The processes it streamlines makes my time with ADManager Plus more efficient. The dashboard view helps me keep compliant with my AD details "at a glance". I realized quickly that I NEEDED this product.
--Bill Mead, Network Administrator,
   Parkview Medical Center.
The ADManager Plus software has made it VERY simple to delegate common, everyday roles to the service-desk, while limiting their ability to ultimately “damage” our AD. Once this tool was deployed – AD was locked down and cleaned up, and I could rest easy!
-- Andrew Kramer,
   Infrastructure Analyst, Eby-Brown.